What is the weather like?

M.V. Mahabahuu, Brahmaputra cruise
The Assam region of India has a mild climate, ranging from 100℉ in the summer to 43℉ in the Winter. In addition, the cruise ship has air-conditioning.

Kerala Backwaters cruise
The State of Kerala maintains a year-round temperature of about 84℉. As such, it is recommended to bring a jacket.

How is the food?

M.V. Mahabahuu, Brahmaputra cruise
Breakfast and lunch is buffet style, including offerings from the onboard bakery. Dinners are themed, with lean & light menu options. Each onboarding is followed by a welcome drink.

Kerala Backwaters cruise
One of the best food experiences on the backwaters, cuisines offered on board have been featured on TV on channels such as National Geographic and 9News Australia.

What is the exchange rate?

India uses the rupee. As of May 2018, the exchange rate is approximately 1.50 USD to 100 INR.