Kerala Backwater River Cruise

WELCOME TO GOD’S OWN COUNTRY, KERALA! In Southern India, there cannot be a better way to experience the immensely rich culture of Kerala than to meander through its lush backwater canals on board one of our two comfortable and charming houseboats, theSauver Nigam (2 cabins) and Vaikundam (9 cabins). The traditional style Vaikundam is one of the largest plying the backwaters and ideal for group travel with spacious cabins and is furnished with antique and modern accessories. The  Sauver Nigam offers a more intimate and very comfortable experience without  detracting from the authentic feel of a traditional rice barge. It is a perfect match for your family or a few friends. The Kerala Ministry of Tourism rated these houseboats as the first eco-friendly boats in the backwaters. They were given the Golden Palm Award.

The experience on-board is well summed up by the former Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee in his comment “A Day to be Remembered”.

Technical specifications

  • Cabins9
  • Berths2
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Sauvernigam River Cruise

7 Night Cruise

Cruises Operate September Through April

North to South

South To North

Other Itineraries

Backwater Cruise With 3 Nights in Kochi

Start in Kochi for this quick backwater cruise. The first European trading post in India, today it is a multi-cultural trading city with a thriving Jewish community. This “Queen of the Arabian Sea” is the sixth best tourist destination in India with gorgeous bay views. Indulge in cultural appreciation with Kathakali, a masked dance native to Kerala.
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South India with Backwaters

Journey through the Dravidian Culture of South India, older than the Aryan Culture of the North. The pure Hinduism of the Vedic periods is reflected in beautifully carved stone temples. See remarkable native wildlife such as the Indian Elephant and White Bengal Tiger in the Periyar National Park. This park also features an extensive garden, where travelers can study wondrous spices that delight gastronomes worldwide.
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South India with Hampi

History lovers rejoice! Arrive in historic Hyderabad, the “City of Pearls” and “Next Silicon Valley of India”.

Next, explore Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with fantastic stone temple complexes. Hampi was the world’s second largest city in medieval times and has extensive ruins.

Before setting sail, stop by Kochi, where Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gamma landed in pursuit of spice.

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Kerala with Sri Lanka

Explore the natural beauty of the Indian Subcontinent. Arrive in Kochi, with a picturesque bay and site of the first European trading post in India. See wildlife and appreciate spices in Periyar National Park, also known as Thekkady, in the high Cardamom Hills.

Follow emerald waterways and admire breathtaking sunsets along the Kerala Backwaters before venturing to Sri Lanka. With such stunning landscapes, this tour is definitely unforgettable

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